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The search engine is newly developed and may need futher refinements. Please help us in this process by contacting us at webmaster@chernydatabase.org if you have problems in searching the database. Your feedback is important to us. Thanks, Nathan


And Or And NOT
And Or And NOT
And Or And NOT
And Or And NOT
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Search Tips

1. Enter synonyms, alternate spellings and alternate forms ( e.g. tumor, tumors, malignant tumor ) for your search terms.

2. Enter all the singular or unique terms which are likely to be included in the reference you are seeking.

3. When entering Author, use only surname (family name) without initials; eg "Smith" or "Cherny"

4. The search engine is not case sensitive.

5. Use a phrase or proper name if possible to narrow your search and therefore retrieve more relevant results (unless you want a large number of results)

6. Do not use AND or NOT in your search term, please select them from the option boxes

7. If you receive too many results, go back and refine and improve your search using additional fields.

8. If you are having problems, please let us know!!!!